Kirby Mountain

Work History — Eric Rosenbloom, before Kirby Mountain

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Design & Production Technology Manager
William H. Sadlier, New York, NY
(212) 312-6130
(Deborah Jones, Director of Publishing Operations)
  • Chief Compositor — Oversight of all electronic aspects of K–12 book design and production — text and graphics — from prototyping, templating, and workflow through quality control, release, and archiving.

  • Established and maintained procedures and standards; calibrated color proofers, scanners, digital camera, and monitors.

  • Wrote AppleScript programs to automate workflow, and Word macros to code manuscript for QuarkXPress; created custom fonts (using Fontographer); generated ISBN barcodes.

  • Worked with illustrators, photographers, stock houses, design and composition studios, and repackagers to ensure technical quality

    • Comp Houses: Monotype Composition, New England Typographic Services, York Graphic Services (TechBooks), Newark Trade, Function Thru Form, Creative Pages, et al.

  • Worked with separators and printers: 1- to 6-color printing, 2nd-plate teachers’ editions, diecuts, tip-ins, various bindings and covers, computer-to-plate, PDF, OPI, reprints, ancillaries and packaging, etc.

    • Separators: Color Associates (Group 360 Communications), H & S Graphics, Phoenix Color, et al.
    • Printers: R. R. Donnelley, D. B. Hess, Lehigh Press, Banta Southeastern, Webcrafters, et al.

  • Software support and training, particularly QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, fonts, and Mac OS.

  • Assessment, purchase, installation, and maintenance of all Macintosh software and hardware.

  • Installed and managed AppleShare IP file server, Mac OS X Server, FileMaker database server, and tape back-up system; worked with IT department to optimize network and provide FTP service; set up and maintained 50 Macintosh workstations.

  • Created and maintained department web site for announcements, guidelines, directories, discussion, etc.

  • Provided artwork and page and cover images in various formats to marketing, sales, and internet departments.

Electronic Production Manager
Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, New York, NY
(McGraw-Hill Education)

Editorial Proofreader
W. B. Saunders, Philadelphia, PA
(later Harcourt Health Sciences, then Elsevier)

Proofreader, Typographer, Desktop Technician
StereoType, Burlington, VT
(now closed)

Florida Administrative Law Reports, Gainesville, FL
Totaltape, Gainesville, FL (later Bisk CPA Review Division, Tampa, FL, then Checkpoint Learning CPA Review [Thomson Reuters]; now closed)

Proofreader, Supervisor, Copy Editor
Plenum, New York, NY
(later Kluwer Academic/Plenum, then Springer)


Kirby Mountain  Composition & Graphics
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